Monthly Rural Crime report for May 2019

Following the high level of Interest during the Annual Parish Assembly the Parish Council have decided the publish the monthly Rural Crime Report produced by Kent Police. It is shown below

Notice of Uncontested Election Results

Due to no-one else putting their name forward for the upcoming Parish Council (and other) Elections on May 2nd the Councillors on the notice below have been duly elected for a further four-year term

Church Electoral Role renewal

CHURCH ELECTORAL ROLL RENEWAL Every six years the church Electoral Roll is completely renewed and this is taking place this year. What this means is that even if you are on the existing roll you will need to re-apply. Being on the Electoral Roll entitles you to vote at the Annual Parochial Church Meeting and […]

Dog Fouling Poly Bags

Dog fouling in the Playing Field Several years ago we installed a dispenser for poly bags to use for clearing up dogs’ mess in the Village Playing Field.  The idea was to help dog-walkers who found they had come out without a bag of their own.  In recent weeks bags have been disappearing at the […]