Feasibility Study – The Case for a New Village Hall

Recently, Barbara Dunn who is in charge of the Magagement of the Memorial Hall circulated a questionnaire to various homes in the village asking questions about the current hall, its purpose and views on its state of repair, whether it was fit-for-purpose etc and their views as to whether it would be worth the village fund raising in order to either refurbish the current hall or simply starting again from a 'brown field site'. The results of this survey, both For a rebild and Against, are published below in the form of downloadable PDFs for you to examine together with an analysis of the answers received. The questionnaires amounted to about 200 with 100 being returned. There are approximately 300 homes within the Parish so this shows that about 30% of the Parish took a view on this which is certainly representative when one considers how many people bother to return surveys these days.

You may disagree with with some of the comments within the documents below or you may wish to add to them and this can be done via the Forum board on the Home Page and you are encouraged to do this so we can widen the discussion.

Analysis of Replies 

Those FOR a rebuild

Those AGAINST a rebuild