Frittenden Heating Oil Buying Group


Since 1994 we have had a group in the village where we buy heating oil together and share the savings made which can be considerable.  We currently have nearly 250 members in Frittenden with 2 other groups in Goudhurst and Wittersham co-operating with us to maximise savings.  This means that we jointly buy in the region of 1 million litres per annum, which gives good purchasing power.  Since it started, the Frittenden group has bought almost 3.9 million litres of oil.

Over the last year, 2015, we have together bought over 1,170,000 litres of oil.  Our joint membership is around 500 and the saving that we have made compared with placing individual orders of 500 litres at the average price is 5 pence per litre or £58,500

We buy oil 3 times per year, in February, July and November, avoiding December and January when prices are normally higher. The way the system works is that you supply an accurate estimate of how much you need to fill your tank, or a fixed quantity that you wish to buy. The minimum order that suppliers will deliver is 500 litres. This I believe is in order to comply with the Weights and Measures Regulations.

I then add all the figures together, and negotiate the best deal we can get from a range of local suppliers and place the order.  As the price is fixed each day, it is not possible to give you advanced information of the price, but it will be the very best that I can negotiate.  No commissions or expenses are charged, the same price will be paid by all, including me.  Every member gets their own bill from the supplier when their oil is delivered; the only rule of the syndicate is that we all make prompt payment as this helps in obtaining a competitive deal.

If you are not currently a member and wish to join, please let me know with the following details.

Post Code:-
Telephone Number:-

Capacity of tank:-

Any special instructions that need to be passed to suppliers.

I can only accept members that live within a 5 mile radius of the Bell & Jorrocks.

If you have access to e-mail please use this as it is the easiest way of passing information.

Howard Lilley.
Tel: 01580 852225

Updated Jan 2016