Frittenden Parish Council Minutes

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Please note that from the 1st July 2015 smaller Parish Council’s have to comply with a new transparency code. This entails publishing more documents and getting minutes etc. online within a month of the meeting. We will do this by adding the word “_draft” to the hyperlink of the Minutes in question.  Once they are approved at the subsequent meeting 1) Any changes made will be incorporated and 2) the “_draft” will be removed denoting that they are now the definitive Minutes of the Meeting in question. Please contact either the Clerk or the Webmaster if this is not clear. In addition the pages will be watermarked “awaiting adoption”.

Minutes January 2014                                                    Minutes January 2015

Minutes February 2014                                                   Minutes February 2015

Minutes March 2014                                                       Minutes March 2015

Annual Parish Asembly Minutes May 2013        Annual Parish Assembly Minutes May 2014

Minutes April 2014                                            Minutes April 2015         EGM April 2015

Minutes May 2014                                           Annual Parish Assembly May 2015      Planning Meeting May 2015

Minutes June 2014                                              Minutes May 2015

Minutes July 2014                                               Minutes June 2015

Special Meeting Re Grass Track 26 Aug 2014        Minutes July 2015

Minutes September 2014                                       Planning Minutes July 2015

Minutes October 2014

Minutes November 2014                                        Minutes September 2015

Minutes December 2014                                        Minutes October 2015

Minutes November 2015

Minutes December 2015

Minutes January 2016                                           Minutes February 2016

Minutes March 2016                                              Minutes April 2016

Annual Parish Assembly May 2016 (awaiting adoption)

Minutes May 2016                                                Minutes June 2016

Minutes July 2016                                                Planning Meeting Aug 2016

Minutes Sep 2016                                      October 2016 Minutes

Minutes November 2016                                    Minutes December 2016

Minutes January 2017                                       Minutes February 2017

Minutes March 2017